Basic garments for a lady!

Accessories help complement your personal image and are more important than you think!

In your closet, you cannot miss the basic garments for a functional and aesthetic complement to your look.

The bag is an essential accessory for storing personal items. You can have a large or small one, depending on your style. You should have a large purse or purse, a crossbody or a backpack even a clutch. Always have at least one of these, in dark colors and other bright ones, so you can use it for any event.

The scarf or scarf is an essential accessory in 3 of the 4 seasons. Wear it in different styles. In this you can have a dark one and another with a lot of color, it can be one plain and the other flirtatious with lines! Do not forget to have wool or cotton and another of silk!

You can also have a leather one, the one that will serve you for night events.

This outfit adds an elegant touch and highlights your distinction.

The jacket can be waist-length, three-quarter or long. It can be made of leather or cotton! This garment gives an elegant and very interesting touch if you use it with scarves! Although there are many looks.

One of them can be combined with a cotton jacket and a swap pant with sports shoes! It depends on you how to use it and the image you want to project.

A garment that you should never forget are sunglasses, the same ones that will mark the beauty of your face and will make you stand out wherever you are! Remember to have them in dark colors and another in bright color.

They are basic garments that will make a difference at the same time.

The jewels, an outfit of distinction in a woman. The jewels make you shine by strengthening your outfit. The jewel will give you a more feminine touch, it will make you feel sexy and sure of yourself! Use it however you want!

A woman is not defined by the number of accessories she wears, but by the attitude with which she wears them!

By: Cris Becerra

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