Gentlemen’s Accessories

The success of a gentleman in his clothing is due to various aspects of distinction and personal image. Details that make the difference!..

The accessories that they keep in their wardrobe are part of the style they want to project to achieve their goals.

The accessories that they generally keep are lenses of different colors and brands, as well as watches, belts, wallets, bracelets, rings, perfumes, socks, ties, or bowties, among others.

However, let’s talk about their favorite accessories, first of all we have the watch, one of their most valued belongings.

It is an accessory of style, elegance and their own touch! It has it in different colors and its bracelet can vary between metal or leather strap!

What to say, of their dark glasses that they use to protect themselves from the sun after putting cream on their face, the same one that makes you look with an avant-garde touch. They have different colors and styles. Garment that generates extraordinary security in them!

Another accessory they enjoy is a leather belt, an essential accessory in their closet!

Their purses or wallets are practical when it comes to using them, sometimes decorated other times very plain, always showing their darker, sober and elegant side!

However, let’s not leave aside the socks, scarves and pashminas using plain, prints and as a complement to your outfit.

The socks will depend on your personal brand! They are striped or of a single color, with drawings, stars, among other designs. Most likely, if you go to a gala, you will be wearing a pair of socks the same color as your shoes!

And what to talk about jewelry! They wear it with perfection and distinction. Necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets, cufflinks, tie pins, pins, wear it as you see fit!

As we see the manly or simple man will always have his outfit for all events!

By: Cris Becerra

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