The Accessories

The Accessory is and will be an auxiliary of our clothing and in part the one that defines our appearance or personality within fashion. An accessory can highlight or damage your outfit.

Within fashion, the accessory is used to complement your outfit, which can be Sports, Gala, Adventure, or simply outdoors, without leaving your attire to the office unnoticed.

Among the accessories we can mention shoes of various types, wallets, bags, clutches or other items to carry. Glasses, gloves, hats, caps, headdresses, belts, watches, rings, wallets, key rings, cosmetic bags, stockings or even a pin or brooch.

In the case of men it is the same and I think that even more detailed for the accessories that are used depending on how they want to see them. They can wear anything from a tie to a scarf and socks of the same color to a jacket with shorts and no socks, each of these in different colors.

As you will see the style varies! And it is not like before that the purse, the lipstick and the shoes were must have the same color!

Each of these serves to mark your own style or to highlight the status where you operate or a social hierarchy depending on the exclusivity of the accessory.

In these times accessories and clothes are used in different colors! You put your personal stamp on it and feel free, happy and sexy to use the accessories as they suit you best!

By: Cris Becerra

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